Telecommunications & Business Phone

  • Phone Systems & Telephony Servers

    Phone Systems & Telephony Servers

    Let your voice be heard... from HD handsets to full business phone systems. Not all phones are alike and not all businesses need the same type of phones. At Ironbox, we continually research the field for, not only the best phones on the market, but the most efficient and cost-effective phone to cover all of your voice needs without breaking the bank. From Analog to Digital, From POTS to SIP, From VOIP to PRI, we get you connected.
  • Business Telephone Service & Plans

    Business Telephone Service & Plans

    Chances are you already have phone service... and chances are you are paying TOO MUCH! It's time to get out the old and bring in the new. Most business owners have no idea that today technologies exist that make phone service cheaper and better. Traditional phone service providers want you to think that what they've offered for decades is all there is. Think outside the box and let Ironbox take your business into the world of tomorrow!
  • Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair

    Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair

    As phone systems get more complex and powerful, they require a watchful eye just like any computerized system. Thanks to modern computer and network integration, phone systems can be monitored and maintained from afar. Phones are DOWN? No problem. Our techs can troubleshoot anything. From the handset that touches your ear to the cable that feeds into the phone company, we'll make sure you get and stay live on the wire!
  • Phone Lines & Telecom Cabling

    Phone Lines & Telecom Cabling

    So, since not all phones are alike, not all cabling is the same either, but... it doesn't matter. Ironbox gets your business connected internally. From traditional phone cabling to Category 5/6 copper data and even fiber optic cabling, we'll wire you up to make sure your phones and your voice communications are crystal clear. Changing providers? No problem. Ironbox will go on-site and get your demarcation block cut over in no time.
  • Call Center & PBX Integration

    Call Center & PBX Integration

    So your needs are big and your business is even bigger. Ironbox will get your call center flowing like a smooth river. From simple multi-line setups to elaborate high profile call routing, Ironbox has the right system for your business. Want to save money? How about saving A LOT of money? PBX and call center systems are not like they were decades ago, costing sometimes almost a quarter of a million dollars. Now everything is efficient and cost-effective. Want to know more? Give us a call now...
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