Network Engineering

  • Local Area Networks

    Local Area Networks

    The LAN, or Local Area Network is the heart and nerve center of all office/warehouse/building infrastructures. Ironbox will design, equip, implement and maintain your local area network, from just 2 computers or up to 2000 devices, and more. From gigabit Ethernet networks to fiber channel networks, we get your entire organization interconnected like one tightly woven fabric.
  • Structured Data Cabling

    Structured Data Cabling

    A well organized infrastructure must include well organized and managed cabling that's also cleanly terminated. From copper data to fiber optic cabling, we've got your covered. With Category-5/6/7 cable running up to 1000 feet per drop, our structured cabling is always run clean and tight, while leaving plenty of room for expansion. Termination, data rack, punch-down and cut-over services are always done to perfection.
  • Wireless Infrastructures

    Wireless Infrastructures

    Not all networks are physically interconnected, and with new emerging hardware, the world is slowly going wireless more and more. Ironbox specializes in getting your organization over the air. From simple WiFi hotspots to elaborate multiple access point configurations, we take your network live, encrypted and well secured. Go free to roam while accessing your network without bandwidth restrictions. From local WiFi to Cloud based enterprise wireless, Ironbox has your solution.
  • Remote Offices & VPN

    Remote Offices & VPN

    Branch offices thousands of miles apart, but acting like they're literally next door to each other. Sounds familiar? Welcome to the world of Virtual Private Networks. From remote data access to remote telephony, with encrypted tunnels, office are never too far from each other. With the right equipment and ever-increasing internet speeds, Ironbox makes distance an issue of the past!
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