Information Technology and Computers

  • PC Desktop Computers & Workstations

    PC Desktop Computers & Workstations

    Ironbox custom engineered workstation are built tough, but are easy on your wallet. Constructed with only choice individual components from brands like Asus, Antec, Corsair, Seagate, Crucial, Thermaltake, Coolermaster, Intel, AMD and more... Ironbox PC systems offer the best price value without compromising nop-notch quality. Universally expandable, our computers can be reconfigured by any field technician, unlike proprietary systems like HP, Dell and Lenovo.
  • Remote & On-Site Technical Support

    Remote & On-Site Technical Support

    Ironbox technical support gives you the proper assistance anytime day or night. Whether we can walk you through fixing a simple problem, remote controlling your system instantly using our award winning software or running to your rescue in person, Ironbox by Alero is always just a phone call, email or click away. Need more support? Save with our Block-Time reduced rates. Don't go it alone and let Alero be your Wingman!
  • Preventive Maintenance Contract Plans

    Preventive Maintenance Contract Plans

    The key to longer life is maintenance, no matter what machine it is. Just as cars need oil changes, computer networks need periodic maintenance. Ironbox goes a step further and provides up to daily maintenance and network monitoring to prevent most major issues before they happen. Most catastrophic IT incidents can be foreseen and prevented when the right set of eyes are constantly vigilant of an infrastructure. Get Peace of Mind... Get Alero and Get Protected!
  • Custom Engineered Computer Servers

    Custom Engineered Computer Servers

    Proud promoters of Supermicro Superservers, Ironbox custom builds the perfect server for the your business. The excellent combination of quality and value comes with knowledge and wisdom of what is truly important, the hardware under the hood. Name brand does little for your pocket if it doesn't deliver, and Ironbox makes sure you get the most machine for your money, whether it's a highly customized Supermicro system or even a Recertified HP or Dell server at less than half the market price.
  • PC and Server Remediation & Repair

    PC and Server Remediation & Repair

    When technology breaks, the world sometimes comes to a complete halt. Everything runs on technology nowadays, from email communication, virtual workstations, telephone systems, websites, financial institutions, electronic medical records and much more. Prompt repair requires powerful troubleshooting skills and resources. Ironbox has you covered. From computer and server parts, to network components, we get you back up and running in no time. Hire a real pro, hire a real wingman, hire an Alero!
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