About Us

  • History

    Our company was founded in November, 1996 in Orlando, Florida USA. We first began as a private supply business as an importer and exporter of computer electronics, and a personal computer retailer named Mainstream Professional Systems Company. We catered mostly to small businesses in Central Florida and Greater Orlando areas. MPSC quickly made its way into ground level networking and server support. In 1999, our company focused mostly on Y2K remediation throughout Central Florida for businesses with obsolete hardware.

    In 2002, we adopted the corporate name UNOTech, which stood for United Networks Of Technology, which merged with other industry specific providers to offer a wider range of services to small business client in the area. We ventured into nationwide technology services under a subsidiary called New York International, which later became NYI Corp, mainly because of our vested interests in New York City with satellite offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Long Island.

    After dissolving various small partnerships in New York, Columbia, Brazil and Italy due to an economic collapse in the US, our company endured many losses in Spring of 2008, entering into a recession as the US economy took a dive into a downward spiral that lasted years. We survived by focusing on smaller businesses only in our local area. Large corporations like Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven and CVS/Pharmacy had major budget cuts and the first vendors to endure the repercussions were small, privately held firms like ours. Hence, we survived by doing what we do best; loyally serving our clients with all of our resources. When the recession subsided, we grew again.

    In 2013 we restructured our company and adopted the new name Alero Corp, and Ironbox as its technology division along with Tecnológica, a technology firm geared toward the Spanish speaking market. Today, we are still here... SIMPLE, SOLID and STABLE as always, but because we have endured with perseverance, we're also STRONG and PROUD, ready to serve you and your business with the utmost loyalty!

  • Culture

    The name Alero was chosen for more than one reason. A portmanteau of our founder, Alero stands for so much more. In old Roman Spanish, it means "Wing man". Hence, Alero signifies unconditional loyalty, protection and unswerving companionship. In English, a wing man also signifies a similar object of support, partnership and loyalty. It is for this reason that we found the name Alero so fitting.

    Our company always held a certain work ethic in high regard. Honesty often being the nemesis of many modern business practices according to the status quo, we have always contrarily believed that honesty is the only way to truly prosper and ensure the longevity of any respectable enterprise. At Alero Corp, we value relationships a lot more than we value revenue and money. Our belief is that money is merely a byproduct of good business. Nothing is worth more than integrity and honor when it comes to business, even when dealing with competition.

    At Alero Corp, the customer may not always be right, but we find that it is our duty to make sure that the customer is never wrong. This can only happen by remaining transparent as a company and establishing a clean work ethic, with a culture that helps educate the customer so that sound decisions can be made at all times. A good business never keeps its clients in the dark, and only an incompetent, insecure or dishonest vendor will see full disclosure as a threat to its livelihood. Here at Alero, we value honesty, honor, respect and integrity as core components of our company's unwavering culture!

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